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Gita jayanti, srimad bhagavad gita, swara yoga

Gita jayanti, srimad bhagavad gita, swara yoga

Gita jayanti is an auspicious occasion to contemplate on the message of srimad bhagavad gita for application in our daily life.

Srimad bhagavad gita is high level communication between Bhagwan krishna and arjuna before the war of mahabharata.

We must remember here that this was an extraordinary conversation in higher level language, that’s why it’s done in the middle of two armies just at the start of the war. We humans usually communicate in vaikhari vani or gross speech of spoken word but advanced yogis can communicate in silence or para vani/pashyanti/madhyama so it is possible to communicate advanced knowledge in short time which is difficult to understand by common man. 

Gita jayanti is celebrated on ekadasi because it is day when lord krishna communicated the message of bhagavad gita on that lunar day( 11- mokshada ekadasi, shukla paksha or waxing moon, margashirsha ).

There is a traditional way to approach the gita jayanti and study shrimad bhagvad gita and deeper we go we can contemplate and try to understand deeper meaning which can be applied in yogic way.

Yoga as union of atma to paramatma is described in a special way in srimad bhagavad gita and all 18 chapters of gita suggest different phases through which the soul passes in search of god.  

Swara yoga is the yoga of rhythm of breath and pancha tattva in breath which can be applied to our daily life. 

As per shiva swarodaya swara or breath is an expression of soul and when you regularly tune your swara cycle with the cosmic cycle of sun and moon you are in tune with the subtle rhythm of nature.

And this tuning is going on naturally in every individual but due to different body-mind-environmental factors our swara can run opposite to the cosmic rhythm which we have to tune.

One of the best time for tuning or aligning or checking natural alignment of our swara cycle with cycle of sun and moon is during morning-sunrise time on waxing and waning moon phases which is given in detail in another post of this blog or my ebook on swara yoga in detail 

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By being in tune with cosmic cycle our swara or breath run in different durations during day and night and  being aware of swara and tattva in form of breath can help us to settle us in witness mode or sakshi bhava  or observer mode or mindfullness which is starting point of yoga for self realization and when we practice this sakshi bhava or observer practice our awareness can start to expand  if we persists with intensity and we may passes through different phases on our journey of expanding awareness or self realization as suggested by srimad bhagavad gita in18 chapters.

And while being in sakshi bhava and praying and remembering to god will keep us in touch of bhakti yoga and doing daily action with sakshi bhava or observer mode can keep us in mode of karma yoga and growing in awareness or sakshi bhava can keep us in mode of jnana yoga which is amazing way to integrate message of gita in our daily life for health,fitness,success and happiness.

So this is simple and one of the best ways to approach the gita as per little understanding of me which can be helpful for people on this auspicious day. 


Gita jayanti, srimad bhagavad gita, swara yoga

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shivaswarodaya , swara yoga

  Swara cycle

Swara Yoga is practical yoga of breath which you can observe in your own breath and verify it and a great example of this is practical application of swara cycle in your daily life. Our swara or breath is in tune with cosmic swara ( sun , moon ) . This shows a practical demonstration of YATHA PINDE TATHA BRAHMANDE as mentioned in scripture.

On sunrise when we arise from bed we have to match our swara or breath with moon cycle called tithi in sanskrit which has cycle of swara in day which lasts upto 90 minute (each swara) approximately and our  surya or chandra swara run automatically in tuning with tithi cycle of swara in normal and healthy individual starting from sunrise which is great wonder which you can observe in your own breath objectively and without any mystification.

So when you arise in morning just check your swara or breath whether it is in tune with cosmic cycle or tithi cycle and if it’s not in tune then change the swara according to tithi cycle so you are practically in tune with universe and also learn that when our swara goes out of tune due to different condition of mind, body and environment and by just changing swara you come out of that energy field and also your awareness grow when you regularly observe your breath or swara.

Along with the above technique just start to take a meal when surya swara is on and drink water when chandra swara is on then you are tuned with mother nature in one of the best ways

This tithi cycle is mentioned in shiva swarodaya shastra  and told by many persons but very few can explain practically.

I have prepared a small pdf for practical application of swara/tithi cycle (simple tithi chart, 3 pages)  which can be applied by anybody in a practical way which can be given to any sincere person with token energy exchange of Rs 108/- which i learned with difficulty.

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Love and grace of supreme divine for all !!!


gitajayanti bhagvadgita yoga swarayoga

lessons on shiva swarodaya/swara yoga for better life-7

   How to check swara ?

To know which swara is currently running in our nostrils is a very important first step in shiva swarodaya/swara yoga because we are so much engrossed in our routine life that we hardly have attention left to keep it on our breath.

Our gentle attention on our swara or breath keeps us grounded and helps us to be in witness mode which is the starting point of meditation and also we can literally and objectively observe the effect of external and internal factors on our swara and tattva in swara.

We can also check and tune our swara with lunar rhythm, day of week and fortnight and particular action if we are aware that a particular swara is running in our nostrils, and act accordingly.

Method is to just keep back of your hand below nostrils and check that which nostril has free flow of air on exhalation , if right nostril has free flow there is surya nadi , left nostril – chandra nadi and both nostril than sushumna nadi.

Physical method to check swara sometimes looks odd when we are with people or in meetings so if we practice sufficiently than just by exhaling the breath we know that particular swara is running.

just keep practicing in your routine life when you are at work or at home or at any place and you will have best awareness of swara in few days.

love and grace of supreme divine for all !!!

daily life, swara yoga,shiva swarodaya

lessons on shiva swarodaya/swara yoga for better life-6

 Swara and daily life

Shiva swarodaya/swara yoga is amazing wisdom which you can apply in your daily life without giving much time to it which is very important in a busy lifestyle nowadays.

Whatever knowledge we have, if we can’t apply it in our daily life then it doesn’t have much use because at last every piece of wisdom should be relevant and applicable to our daily life.

How to integrate shiva swarodaya/swara yoga in daily life  is very important to know because to apply it we need just awareness of our breath and tattva in breath and matching of it with (fortnights) shukla or krishna paksha, tithi (lunar days)/ week days(sunday to saturday) and our actions.

First of all tithi-swara anuandhana kriya is very important in which we can examine and set our microcosmic swara in harmony with  macrocosmic swara so our breath or swara is directly in tuning with cosmic cycle and when we match this with our daily activity it will give better results.

So first thing in morning when we leave the bed we need to check our swara and if it is not in rhythm with cosmic cycle of sun and moon we have to keep it in harmony with it and than leave the bed so that our energy is in tune with cosmic energy and we have best start of the day, this we will cover in detail in special chapter on tithi-swara anusandhan kriya.

Now we can overview different daily activities which we can do in rhythm with our breath or swara cycle.

@ morning and leaving bed

@ going to washroom

@ going for work

@ dinner and meal

@ maithuna or sexual activity

@ special activities.

Above activities are basic daily activities of life and awareness of swara or breath during these activities will increase our pranic energy level, sakshi bhava and performance.

Morning and leaving bed

When we arise in the morning and about to leave the bed for our daily routine, just check your swara or nostril flow of breath, whether it is right or left( surya swara or chandra swara ) ? then match it with swara rhythm according to tithi swara anusandhana kriya and if it’s not in rhythm then change swara according to it, mostly and naturally our swara is in rhythm with lunar cycle unless and until affected by different factors.

How to change swara and chart of lunar cycle for tithi swara anusandhan kriya will be posted on blog soon for practice.

Following are steps to follow when you arise in morning

1 Arise in morning

2 check your swara

3 check swara according to swara cycle

4 change if it is not in tune with swara cycle 

5 keep the right or left leg on ground which is according to swara cycle

6 go for daily activities by keeping awareness of swara

Going to washroom

Normally the defecation process is active during surya nadi so watch your swara during this activity and mostly ur swara surya swara during this time

Going for work

When you go out for work just check your swara , just check whether it is in tuning with swara cycle and then keep that leg outside of your house first and then go to work, this will train your awareness to be aware  with breath, which will raise your energy level and strengthen the sakshi bhava which is real meditation and you can choose your daily activity according to swara

Lunch and dinner

Surya swara is proper swara for digestion because during this swara pranic energy is helpful in digestion process according to shiva swarodaya/swara yoga , so always check your swara before meal and take it during surya swara.

Chandra swara  is proper swara for drinking of water so take water during chandra swara.

Maithuna or sexual activity

Any swara can be used for mathuna but its observed that surya swara of man and chandra swara of women can be very helpful in sexual activity

Special activities

Special activities which we can do according to swara are given in chapter swara and different activities so we can do it in tuning with with swara for better results.

love and grace of supreme divine for all !!!

shiva swarodaya, swara yoga, daily life, sunrise
shiva swarodaya/swara yoga

lessons on shiva swarodaya/swara yoga for better life-5

   Swara and different activities

Shiva swarodaya/swara yoga  suggests different activities in our life to do during specific swara or nostril flow, when our swara or prana align with specific lunar day or tithi, fortnight, day out of seven days  and specific activity then there are best synchronization of our energy with cosmic energy which we can channelize for different purposes.

whatever shubha or ashubha activity which we are doing daily should be done with awareness of nadis (surya nadi , chandra nadi, sushumna nadi)” ( shiva swarodaya,101).

Ida or chandra nadi is like moon so actions which are calm, stable and long term should be done during chandra nadi like

@ Doing worship, stable business, wearing ornaments, long term travel , long term storage , making temple, making ashram,making lake, prana pratistha, intake of divine herb, act promoting peace,marriage , friendship, storage of grains, griha pravesh,service, opening bank account , studying religious texts , philanthropic acts , singing ,  playing music , traditional dance, buying land , starting the study , starting religious act , diksha or initiation , some type of mantra sadhna or spiritual practices, drinking water.

Pingala or surya nadi is intensive so temporary, intensive and short term act should be done during surya nadi like 

@ learning intensive , complex  and difficult subjects, taking food,  legal activities, government related activities, during war, intensive sadhna of specific deities, making objects from stone/wood/metal etc , actions related to machines and systems, mount climbing , martial arts crossing river or lake , writing.

So actions during surya and chandra swara in alignment with day( out of 7 days of week) and fortnights and lunar day or tithi will bring harmony of our life energy with cosmic energy and optimize our actions for better results.

Doing activities with swara cultivate our awareness which is very important to grow in cosmic consciousness  or awareness expansion.

Practical tip to start very simple yet one of best practice is TAKE FOOD IN SURYA SWARA AND DRINK WATER IN CHANDRA SWARA  this practice is looking very simple but help immensely in our daily life, surya swara is helpful in digestion of food and  taking rest by sleeping on left side( vama kukshi) after having dinner or lunch will activate surya nadi which assists in digestive process and our body pranic energy is in harmony with it.

Drinking water whenever thirsty in chandra swara will keep our energy in alignment with lunar energy and assists us for better life  due to water’s relation with lunar energy according to shiva swarodaya/swara yoga.

Another important thing is to avoid in general  worldly activities during sushumna swara, which is one of most important swara in swara yoga. During swara cycle sushumna runs approximately for 9 to 10 breaths , this sushumna swara is very good for meditation and also important for progressing in to state of kevala kumbhaka ( kumbhaka with effortless effort ) which is very mysterious domain for most of the peoples.

surya swara / chandra swara can be align with fortnight( shukla paksha/krishna paksha or waxing/waning moon), day of week , tithi or lunar day , pancha tattva (5 elements) and different activities for better expression of our life energy or pranic energy for better life.

love and grace of Supreme Divine for all !!!

shiva swarodaya/swara yoga
shiva swarodaya/swara yoga

lessons on shiva swarodaya/swara yoga for better life-4

 Qualification for shiva swarodaya

Shiva swarodaya/swara yoga since ancient times is a very secretive subject to teach for most of the seekers due to its subtle and powerful nature and also due to lack of certain level of body and mind preparation.

But this current time in spiritual history is extraordinary due to the grace of divine and gurus and a lot of knowledge is coming into mainstream which can be applied by anybody for better life on earth for health, wealth and happiness.

I learned this subject with a lot of search and difficulty but my wish is that practical knowledge of this subject should be available to people so that they can apply it in their routine life to make life better and they can use it in any sadhna or spiritual practices they follow with their own observation.

This time is for the manifestation of divine quality in our daily life so over secrecy in any spiritual subject may not be in favor of the greater good of humanity in my view.

According to shiva swarodaya “ knowledge of shiva swarodaya is very subtle yet very easy to understand and revealing the truth objectively which is surprising for non believer (nastika) and foundation for believers (astika). (shiva swarodaya ,12)

“A seeker who is calm, purified , having good behavior, with devotion to guru (guru tattva), with a stable mind and gratitude will get the essence of knowledge of shiva swarodaya/swara yoga. (shiva swarodaya,13)

Above qualities are difficult to gain completely in daily life for ordinary human beings like us so if we have sincere intent for above qualities than we can start to learn in my view, because very few peoples can fulfill above criteria and few peoples can apply it in daily life but in current time with grace of god and gurus anybody with sincere intent and desire to progress without hurting other living being can practice this amazing wisdom of shiva swarodaya/swara yoga.

Soul full compassion and intent for non killing and not hurting other living beings is one of the best qualifications to learn higher knowledge of science of yoga of breath or kevala kumbhaka.

love and grace of Supreme Divine for all !!!

shivaswarodaya , swara yoga
shiva swarodaya (swara yoga)

lessons on shiva swarodaya shastra (swara yoga) for better life-3

 Micro-cosmic and Macro-cosmic swara

According to shiva swarodaya shastra (swara yoga) Pinda or body is micro-cosmos and brahmanda is macro-cosmos , swara or life energy or prana exists on every level  of it. In scriptures there is a famous saying “ yatha pinde tatha brahmande “ which means whatever exists in pinda also exists in brahmanda.

One sloka in shiva swarodaya says “ brahmanda and pinda is in swara or comes through swara and by swara it is created , maintained and destroyed. “ ( shiva swarodaya , 20 ).

There is sun and moon in cosmos  and there is sun and moon in body, right nostril breath is called sun or surya swara and left nostril breath is called moon or chandra swara which is moving as life energy in both of them and doing different actions in pinda and brahmanda.

Knowledge about rhythm of these surya swara , chandra swara and sushumna swara

(both swara) is explained practically in shiva swarodaya and some of its little knowledge explained in this blog

Practical knowledge of these swara in pinda and brahmanda can experienced in tithi and swara anusandhana kriya very easily in which we can know that how rhythm of surya swara and chandra swara in our body  synchronize with rhythm of sun and moon in cosmos.

There is movement of pancha bhuta or tattva in our breath or swara which is very simple yet secret to be experienced practically in our breath in objective way but its has its own risks if its not applied properly or misused so i am not explaining it here , it can be learned from teacher or if time comes i will explain in future.

We will go through this system of swara , nadi and prana in relation to our life in detail in this blog and by reading it one can apply it in daily life and in any spiritual practice which sadhak  is doing.

love and grace of Supreme Divine for all !!!

shiva swarodaya (swara yoga)

lessons on shiva swarodaya (swara yoga) for better life-2

  What is swara in shiva swarodaya ??                                   

Swara or prana or life energy or breath are very connected terms which sometimes cause confusion in the mind of the reader.

In one way swara is part of expression of the soul according to shiva swarodaya and that’s why swara is related to seed sounds ham and sah which express through in breath and out breath.

Swara is also related to the sound because our in breath and out breath also have sound if one listens with awareness and relaxation and that’s why breath is the expression of swara or prana and swarodaya is subtle science of this swara dynamics.

Atma – spanda – sthir prana – moving prana – breath – air.

If we can understand the above terms properly it removes most of the confusion in mind and brings clarity in understanding.

Pulse or throb of desire in the soul creates a spanda which becomes sthir prana (still prana or kevala kumbhaka or breath of life). When it comes down it becomes moving prana or moving life energy in our multidimensional being and expression of that moving prana is our breath which takes external prana from the environment through air.

External air has oxygen and other gases but subtly it has prana or life energy which we take through breath and prana moving in breathing and  air is also moving prana running in to our energy system.

Moving prana is running in air, breath and energy systems  and doing five different kinds of acts and named accordingly like prana, apana, vyana , samana and udana  according to yoga scriptures.

When practitioner or sadhaka reaches to advanced state he does not need to takes external prana through the breath and takes pranic energy through still prana or kevala kumbhaka state which is very advanced state which few yogis can achieve, which is one of the real goal of the pranayama. Stillness of breath is pranayama ( pranasya sthirta iti pranayama ) as per yoga scriptures.

Spanda is very mysterious so i am not explaining it here , when sadhaka reaches advanced state he understands it automatically.

So by following the link of the breath or prana we can grasp the entire matrix of life energy in practical way that’s why great saints like kabir ji ,buddha , gorakhnath, kakbhushundi ji and many others has given much importance to the breath or prana or life energy.

One example which comes near to kevala kumbhaka state is the situation of the fetus in the womb of the mother where the fetus is nourished by mothers life energy and  is not taking prana by breathing and takes external breath after the birth.

This domain of keval kumbhaka is very mysterious and it is  key for many secrets in the world of yoga and life and it is related to swara yoga or shiva swarodaya which can be achieved only by the guidance of the advanced masters. , my e book on english on

love and grace of Supreme Divine for all !!!

shivaswarodaya/swara yoga/pranayama