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lessons on shiva swarodaya/swara yoga for better life-7

   How to check swara ?

To know which swara is currently running in our nostrils is a very important first step in shiva swarodaya/swara yoga because we are so much engrossed in our routine life that we hardly have attention left to keep it on our breath.

Our gentle attention on our swara or breath keeps us grounded and helps us to be in witness mode which is the starting point of meditation and also we can literally and objectively observe the effect of external and internal factors on our swara and tattva in swara.

We can also check and tune our swara with lunar rhythm, day of week and fortnight and particular action if we are aware that a particular swara is running in our nostrils, and act accordingly.

Method is to just keep back of your hand below nostrils and check that which nostril has free flow of air on exhalation , if right nostril has free flow there is surya nadi , left nostril – chandra nadi and both nostril than sushumna nadi.

Physical method to check swara sometimes looks odd when we are with people or in meetings so if we practice sufficiently than just by exhaling the breath we know that particular swara is running.

just keep practicing in your routine life when you are at work or at home or at any place and you will have best awareness of swara in few days.

love and grace of supreme divine for all !!!

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