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  Swara cycle

Swara Yoga is practical yoga of breath which you can observe in your own breath and verify it and a great example of this is practical application of swara cycle in your daily life. Our swara or breath is in tune with cosmic swara ( sun , moon ) . This shows a practical demonstration of YATHA PINDE TATHA BRAHMANDE as mentioned in scripture.

On sunrise when we arise from bed we have to match our swara or breath with moon cycle called tithi in sanskrit which has cycle of swara in day which lasts upto 90 minute (each swara) approximately and our  surya or chandra swara run automatically in tuning with tithi cycle of swara in normal and healthy individual starting from sunrise which is great wonder which you can observe in your own breath objectively and without any mystification.

So when you arise in morning just check your swara or breath whether it is in tune with cosmic cycle or tithi cycle and if it’s not in tune then change the swara according to tithi cycle so you are practically in tune with universe and also learn that when our swara goes out of tune due to different condition of mind, body and environment and by just changing swara you come out of that energy field and also your awareness grow when you regularly observe your breath or swara.

Along with the above technique just start to take a meal when surya swara is on and drink water when chandra swara is on then you are tuned with mother nature in one of the best ways

This tithi cycle is mentioned in shiva swarodaya shastra  and told by many persons but very few can explain practically.

I have prepared a small pdf for practical application of swara/tithi cycle (simple tithi chart, 3 pages)  which can be applied by anybody in a practical way which can be given to any sincere person with token energy exchange of Rs 108/- which i learned with difficulty.

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