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  What is swara in shiva swarodaya ??                                   

Swara or prana or life energy or breath are very connected terms which sometimes cause confusion in the mind of the reader.

In one way swara is part of expression of the soul according to shiva swarodaya and that’s why swara is related to seed sounds ham and sah which express through in breath and out breath.

Swara is also related to the sound because our in breath and out breath also have sound if one listens with awareness and relaxation and that’s why breath is the expression of swara or prana and swarodaya is subtle science of this swara dynamics.

Atma – spanda – sthir prana – moving prana – breath – air.

If we can understand the above terms properly it removes most of the confusion in mind and brings clarity in understanding.

Pulse or throb of desire in the soul creates a spanda which becomes sthir prana (still prana or kevala kumbhaka or breath of life). When it comes down it becomes moving prana or moving life energy in our multidimensional being and expression of that moving prana is our breath which takes external prana from the environment through air.

External air has oxygen and other gases but subtly it has prana or life energy which we take through breath and prana moving in breathing and  air is also moving prana running in to our energy system.

Moving prana is running in air, breath and energy systems  and doing five different kinds of acts and named accordingly like prana, apana, vyana , samana and udana  according to yoga scriptures.

When practitioner or sadhaka reaches to advanced state he does not need to takes external prana through the breath and takes pranic energy through still prana or kevala kumbhaka state which is very advanced state which few yogis can achieve, which is one of the real goal of the pranayama. Stillness of breath is pranayama ( pranasya sthirta iti pranayama ) as per yoga scriptures.

Spanda is very mysterious so i am not explaining it here , when sadhaka reaches advanced state he understands it automatically.

So by following the link of the breath or prana we can grasp the entire matrix of life energy in practical way that’s why great saints like kabir ji ,buddha , gorakhnath, kakbhushundi ji and many others has given much importance to the breath or prana or life energy.

One example which comes near to kevala kumbhaka state is the situation of the fetus in the womb of the mother where the fetus is nourished by mothers life energy and  is not taking prana by breathing and takes external breath after the birth.

This domain of keval kumbhaka is very mysterious and it is  key for many secrets in the world of yoga and life and it is related to swara yoga or shiva swarodaya which can be achieved only by the guidance of the advanced masters.

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love and grace of Supreme Divine for all !!!

shivaswarodaya/swara yoga/pranayama
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