shiva swarodaya/swara yoga

lessons on shiva swarodaya/swara yoga for better life-5

   Swara and different activities

Shiva swarodaya/swara yoga  suggests different activities in our life to do during specific swara or nostril flow, when our swara or prana align with specific lunar day or tithi, fortnight, day out of seven days  and specific activity then there are best synchronization of our energy with cosmic energy which we can channelize for different purposes.

whatever shubha or ashubha activity which we are doing daily should be done with awareness of nadis (surya nadi , chandra nadi, sushumna nadi)” ( shiva swarodaya,101).

Ida or chandra nadi is like moon so actions which are calm, stable and long term should be done during chandra nadi like

@ Doing worship, stable business, wearing ornaments, long term travel , long term storage , making temple, making ashram,making lake, prana pratistha, intake of divine herb, act promoting peace,marriage , friendship, storage of grains, griha pravesh,service, opening bank account , studying religious texts , philanthropic acts , singing ,  playing music , traditional dance, buying land , starting the study , starting religious act , diksha or initiation , some type of mantra sadhna or spiritual practices, drinking water.

Pingala or surya nadi is intensive so temporary, intensive and short term act should be done during surya nadi like 

@ learning intensive , complex  and difficult subjects, taking food,  legal activities, government related activities, during war, intensive sadhna of specific deities, making objects from stone/wood/metal etc , actions related to machines and systems, mount climbing , martial arts crossing river or lake , writing.

So actions during surya and chandra swara in alignment with day( out of 7 days of week) and fortnights and lunar day or tithi will bring harmony of our life energy with cosmic energy and optimize our actions for better results.

Doing activities with swara cultivate our awareness which is very important to grow in cosmic consciousness  or awareness expansion.

Practical tip to start very simple yet one of best practice is TAKE FOOD IN SURYA SWARA AND DRINK WATER IN CHANDRA SWARA  this practice is looking very simple but help immensely in our daily life, surya swara is helpful in digestion of food and  taking rest by sleeping on left side( vama kukshi) after having dinner or lunch will activate surya nadi which assists in digestive process and our body pranic energy is in harmony with it.

Drinking water whenever thirsty in chandra swara will keep our energy in alignment with lunar energy and assists us for better life  due to water’s relation with lunar energy according to shiva swarodaya/swara yoga.

Another important thing is to avoid in general  worldly activities during sushumna swara, which is one of most important swara in swara yoga. During swara cycle sushumna runs approximately for 9 to 10 breaths , this sushumna swara is very good for meditation and also important for progressing in to state of kevala kumbhaka ( kumbhaka with effortless effort ) which is very mysterious domain for most of the peoples.

surya swara / chandra swara can be align with fortnight( shukla paksha/krishna paksha or waxing/waning moon), day of week , tithi or lunar day , pancha tattva (5 elements) and different activities for better expression of our life energy or pranic energy for better life.

love and grace of Supreme Divine for all !!!

shiva swarodaya/swara yoga
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