shiva swarodaya (swara yoga)

lessons on shiva swarodaya shastra (swara yoga) for better life-3

 Micro-cosmic and Macro-cosmic swara

According to shiva swarodaya shastra (swara yoga) Pinda or body is micro-cosmos and brahmanda is macro-cosmos , swara or life energy or prana exists on every level  of it. In scriptures there is a famous saying “ yatha pinde tatha brahmande “ which means whatever exists in pinda also exists in brahmanda.

One sloka in shiva swarodaya says “ brahmanda and pinda is in swara or comes through swara and by swara it is created , maintained and destroyed. “ ( shiva swarodaya , 20 ).

There is sun and moon in cosmos  and there is sun and moon in body, right nostril breath is called sun or surya swara and left nostril breath is called moon or chandra swara which is moving as life energy in both of them and doing different actions in pinda and brahmanda.

Knowledge about rhythm of these surya swara , chandra swara and sushumna swara

(both swara) is explained practically in shiva swarodaya and some of its little knowledge explained in this blog

Practical knowledge of these swara in pinda and brahmanda can experienced in tithi and swara anusandhana kriya very easily in which we can know that how rhythm of surya swara and chandra swara in our body  synchronize with rhythm of sun and moon in cosmos.

There is movement of pancha bhuta or tattva in our breath or swara which is very simple yet secret to be experienced practically in our breath in objective way but its has its own risks if its not applied properly or misused so i am not explaining it here , it can be learned from teacher or if time comes i will explain in future.

We will go through this system of swara , nadi and prana in relation to our life in detail in this blog and by reading it one can apply it in daily life and in any spiritual practice which sadhak  is doing.

love and grace of Supreme Divine for all !!!

shiva swarodaya (swara yoga)
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