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 Qualification for shiva swarodaya

Shiva swarodaya/swara yoga since ancient times is a very secretive subject to teach for most of the seekers due to its subtle and powerful nature and also due to lack of certain level of body and mind preparation.

But this current time in spiritual history is extraordinary due to the grace of divine and gurus and a lot of knowledge is coming into mainstream which can be applied by anybody for better life on earth for health, wealth and happiness.

I learned this subject with a lot of search and difficulty but my wish is that practical knowledge of this subject should be available to people so that they can apply it in their routine life to make life better and they can use it in any sadhna or spiritual practices they follow with their own observation.

This time is for the manifestation of divine quality in our daily life so over secrecy in any spiritual subject may not be in favor of the greater good of humanity in my view.

According to shiva swarodaya “ knowledge of shiva swarodaya is very subtle yet very easy to understand and revealing the truth objectively which is surprising for non believer (nastika) and foundation for believers (astika). (shiva swarodaya ,12)

“A seeker who is calm, purified , having good behavior, with devotion to guru (guru tattva), with a stable mind and gratitude will get the essence of knowledge of shiva swarodaya/swara yoga. (shiva swarodaya,13)

Above qualities are difficult to gain completely in daily life for ordinary human beings like us so if we have sincere intent for above qualities than we can start to learn in my view, because very few peoples can fulfill above criteria and few peoples can apply it in daily life but in current time with grace of god and gurus anybody with sincere intent and desire to progress without hurting other living being can practice this amazing wisdom of shiva swarodaya/swara yoga.

Soul full compassion and intent for non killing and not hurting other living beings is one of the best qualifications to learn higher knowledge of science of yoga of breath or kevala kumbhaka.

love and grace of Supreme Divine for all !!!

shivaswarodaya , swara yoga
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