lessons on shiva swarodaya shastra (swara yoga) for better life-1

These lessons are based on shiva swarodaya shastra (swara yoga) which explains practical and secret knowledge related to swara or breath or prana or life energy which can be used for better life on earth in harmony with divine. shiva swarodaya is ancient text or book from tantra as dialogue between lord shiva and mother parvati

Swara is one form of the prana and prana is part of expression of the soul which manifests into the cyclical rhythm of our breath in right and left nostril and knowledge related to this rhythm of breath is swara yoga.

These lessons has practical knowledge about basic swara yoga which can be practiced by common man interested in better life through swara yoga

Swara Yoga or Shiva swarodaya is a sea which is very deep  to be explore fully by any human beings affected by birth, death, old age and disease but whatever little knowledge I have I am expressing here in some part by grace of god and gurus.

Every human being is vulnerable to mistake in some or another form so if any one can find some mistakes in writing i ask forgiveness from them and its my humble request to readers and practitioners that they can apply knowledge practically and then learn from their own breath and discard anything which does not experienced by them in their own breath or swara.

Shiva Swarodaya (swara yoga) is a lively and dynamic subject which needs practical application and proper guidance which is to be gained from a master traditionally but  i tried to give little knowledge which i learned with difficulties to the world so that anybody can learn basic and practical swara yoga by reading and applying these lessons

Let all beings live in ever new joy !!! , love and grace of supreme almighty for all !!!

shiva swarodaya(swara or prana)

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  1. Pleased to see the humble startup about Swara Yogam. Like to learn more on Swara and it’s practical application.

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