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lessons on shiva swarodaya/swara yoga for better life-6

 Swara and daily life

Shiva swarodaya/swara yoga is amazing wisdom which you can apply in your daily life without giving much time to it which is very important in a busy lifestyle nowadays.

Whatever knowledge we have, if we can’t apply it in our daily life then it doesn’t have much use because at last every piece of wisdom should be relevant and applicable to our daily life.

How to integrate shiva swarodaya/swara yoga in daily life  is very important to know because to apply it we need just awareness of our breath and tattva in breath and matching of it with (fortnights) shukla or krishna paksha, tithi (lunar days)/ week days(sunday to saturday) and our actions.

First of all tithi-swara anuandhana kriya is very important in which we can examine and set our microcosmic swara in harmony with  macrocosmic swara so our breath or swara is directly in tuning with cosmic cycle and when we match this with our daily activity it will give better results.

So first thing in morning when we leave the bed we need to check our swara and if it is not in rhythm with cosmic cycle of sun and moon we have to keep it in harmony with it and than leave the bed so that our energy is in tune with cosmic energy and we have best start of the day, this we will cover in detail in special chapter on tithi-swara anusandhan kriya.

Now we can overview different daily activities which we can do in rhythm with our breath or swara cycle.

@ morning and leaving bed

@ going to washroom

@ going for work

@ dinner and meal

@ maithuna or sexual activity

@ special activities.

Above activities are basic daily activities of life and awareness of swara or breath during these activities will increase our pranic energy level, sakshi bhava and performance.

Morning and leaving bed

When we arise in the morning and about to leave the bed for our daily routine, just check your swara or nostril flow of breath, whether it is right or left( surya swara or chandra swara ) ? then match it with swara rhythm according to tithi swara anusandhana kriya and if it’s not in rhythm then change swara according to it, mostly and naturally our swara is in rhythm with lunar cycle unless and until affected by different factors.

How to change swara and chart of lunar cycle for tithi swara anusandhan kriya will be posted on blog soon for practice.

Following are steps to follow when you arise in morning

1 Arise in morning

2 check your swara

3 check swara according to swara cycle

4 change if it is not in tune with swara cycle 

5 keep the right or left leg on ground which is according to swara cycle

6 go for daily activities by keeping awareness of swara

Going to washroom

Normally the defecation process is active during surya nadi so watch your swara during this activity and mostly ur swara surya swara during this time

Going for work

When you go out for work just check your swara , just check whether it is in tuning with swara cycle and then keep that leg outside of your house first and then go to work, this will train your awareness to be aware  with breath, which will raise your energy level and strengthen the sakshi bhava which is real meditation and you can choose your daily activity according to swara

Lunch and dinner

Surya swara is proper swara for digestion because during this swara pranic energy is helpful in digestion process according to shiva swarodaya/swara yoga , so always check your swara before meal and take it during surya swara.

Chandra swara  is proper swara for drinking of water so take water during chandra swara.

Maithuna or sexual activity

Any swara can be used for mathuna but its observed that surya swara of man and chandra swara of women can be very helpful in sexual activity

Special activities

Special activities which we can do according to swara are given in chapter swara and different activities so we can do it in tuning with with swara for better results.

love and grace of supreme divine for all !!!

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